How To Make Your Fete More Successful

Organizing a fete is a great way to tell people about your cause. You can choose to do the planning alone or you can plan a great event with other like-minded organizations who support your cause. You need to make sure you time, energy, and effort is well worth it and get as many donations as possible. It is most likely you have a committee solely for the fete and often they are people who volunteer their time. It is always wise to plan early.

Have Regular Meetings

Having regular meetings before your fete is a great way to begin planning early. The more often you meet with your committee, the better everyone will be able to contribute. Start setting a budget that includes your money and time. It is better to overestimate and have money left over than to underestimate and run out of money. A great way to keep within your budget is to have sponsors. Try to get certain items you need for your fete at a lower cost and maybe even free. You can start approaching friends and family and get them involved.

Stalls and Attractions

Decide on the type of stalls and attractions you would like to have at your fete. Think about how many stalls you would like to have and who will handle them. There are companies that offer amusement games for hire that will make any fete engaging and fun.Make sure to have all your documentation and get all the approvals needed well in advance before the day. There are licenses and permits to have stalls and attractions that offer food, alcohol and more. Read this article to find out more details.


Discuss with your committee the type of food you would like to have. Before doing this, it is a good idea to know the type of people coming for the event. You want your guest to be satisfied. If you believe you will have many families with children coming, it would be wise to hire fairy floss machines Melbourne. This will give an added colorful and flavorful touch. To make things interesting and to attract people from different cultures, you may want to consider having ethnic food stalls. You will be favored by different communities and receive their support.


Promote your event through friends and family. Use social media to get as many people to support your event. Social media is a great way to advertise.Having a fete is an opportunity to connect with organizations and your community to have a common goal. It is a great way to give back to your community. It is a great way to be united for one cause.