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In connection with the tax agent, it should be borne in mind that the person desiring to become a tax agent for charging a fee to the client required by law to seek registration with the board referred to as the tax practitioners one. The process of registration ascertains the tax agent indeed possesses the required qualifications in addition to the experiential learning associated with the discharge of his services. The requirements of the board pertaining to the agent being fit as well as appropriate would also be found to be met. While managing the taxation of the clients the board intends to make it very clear that the person involved is in possession of the proper indemnity insurance coverage. In addition, the taxpayers utilizing the services of a tax agent who is deemed to be registered would not be liable in connection with certain penalties of the administrative nature with regard to some circumstances.


If unregistered, then there are a significant amount pertaining to the imposed penalties, therefore it is very much anticipated that within the Australian the probability of coming across an unregistered tax agent would be greatly slim. Despite the aforementioned, there could be some scenarios in view of which you may not be asked to acquire registration. Now this could embrace the situation in which you are an employee or a registered contractor of the tax agent and that you are not in the business of providing the tax representative facilities pertaining to the right of your own. It could be that you are at work with a company that is either a company or a partnership which is in the business of charging or receiving fees with regard to the tax agent facilities, then that organization could require you to be registered as a tax agent so that it has enough number of tax agents who are registered, on its list. 


Another scenario could entail that you are a legal practitioner who has been authorized to extend the services in as a tax accountant Sydney, with regard to the law promulgated by a specific state or because of the territorial law. In addition, the aforementioned law regulates the practice that is legal as well as the furnishing of the legal facilities and that you are involved in the making of as well as lodging of the tax returns or even any statement like the tax statements: the statements related to the business activity of yours, the statements in connection with instalments, the statements pertaining to the superannuation guarantee in addition to the statements with regard to the withholding payment profile summary in connection with the pay while you move. There could be exceptions, though.